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What do peer cancer centers know that your neighbors should know?

The James Graham Brown Cancer Center takes great pride in providing the people of Kentucky world-class cancer treatment close to home. We believe that you don’t have to face your battle with cancer alone. With the support of those you love and of a team of talented physicians, you can achieve recovery and remission. It’s our pledge.

Unfortunately, not everyone in Kentucky knows the true value of the Brown Cancer Center.

“Each hospital that we service…really wants the expertise that the James Brown Cancer Center projects,” said Dr. Craig Silverman, UofL professor of radiation oncology at the Brown Cancer Center. “They understand that it’s a top-notch research organization. They realize that patients are going to be better served by having access to the unique opportunities, like the laboratory research, clinical research, and the team approach that is unique to this area.”

Fueled by a powerful passion for our patients, the Brown Cancer Center has been providing the best cancer care in the region for more than 30 years. In the medical community, our physicians are thought-leaders and innovators with unmatched expertise in treating and diagnosing cancer. And, among other top-tier cancer treatment centers, the James Graham Brown Cancer Center is seen as a national leader in cancer treatment and research. We want our neighbors, and patients, to come to trust and depend on us as our peers do because we extend the same expertise and capabilities to the care of our patients.

Together, we are dedicated to finding the best ways to treat cancer, a goal that will not just benefit our patients locally, but cancer patients globally. As a nationally recognized cancer research center, we have already seen many successes. Our research has produced twenty-seven new drugs or targets in preclinical testing, which makes us one of the most robust pipelines of cancer treatments in the world.

Cancer care, however, extends beyond medical treatment. At the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, we are proud to offer a complete, Supportive Care Resource Center to our patients.  We understand how important quality of life is during your treatment. That’s why we focus on treating the whole patient. By providing support groups, nutrition classes, counseling programs, and chemotherapy education during and beyond patient visits, we see our patients, and their families, through the trying time of cancer treatment.

Continue reading over the coming weeks to see why the James Graham Brown Cancer Center is at the forefront of cancer care and hear about the full patient experience from everyone involved. To learn more about the James Graham Brown Cancer Center and its accomplishments in cancer research and treatment, please read more about our Lung Cancer Screen Program, Radiation Oncology Accreditation, and TrueBeam system.

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  • Judy C. Sapp | April 24, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    I had my radiation therapy at James Graham Brown under the director of Dr. Anthony Dragun and the radiation team. They are AWESOME -

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