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Tune into Fox41 Tonight for a Special Story About the Gift of Life

Heart to HeartBe sure to watch WDRB Fox 41 News tonight at 10 p.m. for an incredibly touching segment entitled "Heart to Heart."

This piece will tell the story about how Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (KODA) arranged a special meeting between a donor family and their daughter’s heart recipient at the University of Louisville Hospital’s Legacy of Life Walk in October.

This powerful story is told by Fox41 Anchor Gilbert Corsey, who interviewed both families prior to their meeting at the walk to gain perspective on giving and receiving the gift of life. University Hospital and KODA are honored that Gilbert has made this into a full-length story.

If you can’t watch it tonight, you can still catch it tomorrow during Fox in the Morning, as well as tomorrow evening at 4:00 pm.

ALSO: Save lives and help your favorite sports team win a trophy! The fierce rivalry on the hardwood between the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky isn’t just for hoops!

The ninth-annual ‘Gift of Life Challenge’ between the Cats and the Cards is off and running, as each school competes for the most number of newly registered Kentucky residents on the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.

Go to to make a decision to give the gift of life!The winning school will receive a trophy at the men’s basketball game on Jan. 2, 2012, at Rupp Arena.

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