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Dr. Glen Franklin’s Story: Meet Former Trauma Patient Trent Waggoner

"I think Trent is just an unbelievable testimony as to how resilient some people can be." - Dr. Glen Franklin discussing former trauma patient Trent Waggoner

Trent - before interviewLast week, we introduced you to Trauma Surgeon Dr. Glen Franklin and his family.

Now meet Trent Waggoner, one of Dr. Franklin’s former patients. Trent arrived in our trauma center in September 2010 after being hit by a car while changing a tire for a stranded motorist.

Although Dr. Franklin had to amputate a portion of Trent’s leg, this young man has turned that trauma into triumph!

With his positive spirit, outgoing personality and caring heart, Trent has worked tirelessly to support fellow amputees by sharing his story with them and also starting a non-profit fundraising group entitled Fairings for Amps. A fairing is a specialized covering that surrounds an existing prosthetic leg. It accurately recreates the body form through a process that uses three-dimensional scanning and printing.

The mission of his organization is to raise funds in order to help better other amputees’ lives through these fairings. "Fairings Dr. Franklin and Trentare the coolest and most necessary prosthetic items I have come across since I lost my leg and was very disappointed to learn they weren’t covered by insurance."

He added: "There are thousands of amputees in America whose lives would improve overnight by receiving a prosthetic fairing. Our goal is to provide these fairings to as many amputees worldwide as possible, starting first at home and spreading our reach as we go."

He believes the power of social media will help him achieve this goal.

"We need everyone’s help spreading the word about what we are doing. That means that we would really appreciate all of your shares, likes on Facebook, and tweets, which will help us get some attention and hopefully more donations for our wonderful purpose and organization. Genuinely, thank you very much. Each one has such a great potential to bring so much to those we hope to help."

Thanks to the skill of Dr. Franklin. his trauma team and our nursing staff, Trent knows he has a bright future ahead. In addition to starting his charity group and getting back to college, we’re excited to report Trent recently got engaged!

"One of the greatest accomplishments for myself since my accident was just recently when I was able to propose to my girlfriend of two and a half years in traditional fashion by getting down on one knee." Congratulations, Trent!

Click the following hyerlinks to learn more about Trent’s story and/or to contribute to his cause.

Also: Check out some behind-the-scenes photos on our website from the filming of this  video segment.

Since meeting on that fateful day, Trent and Dr. Franklin have developed a strong bond that is built around mutual respect. In this video, you’ll hear more from them about how much good came from such a bad situation.

Thank you, Trent, for sharing your story with us! We all are so proud of you and value your friendship tremendously. You have touched a lot of hearts here at our hospital, and we wish you nothing but health, happiness and success throughout your entire life. It was an honor to spend time with you.

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Has Dr. Franklin, or other members of our Trauma Team here at University Hospital, cared for you? We want to hear your story! Feel free to share it – or perhaps send a message to Dr. Franklin instead – in the comment section at the end of any of these video posts or on our Facebook page. We’ll be sure to pass along your message.

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  • Tasha Waggoner | December 17, 2011 at 3:58 am

    I would like to thank Dr Franklin and his staff at UofL for everything they have done for my son. It was truely a blessing to have them care for him. They were all wonderful to him and our family.

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